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Musa Publishing is excited to announce Haley's Man, a new erotica short story by Sara Daniel, is now available.

She must choose between the man of her dreams and the man of her fantasies.

When Haley Miller posts on a sexual fantasies forum that she wants to have an orgasm while surrounded by her friends, one reply stands out. Intrigued and desperately aroused, Haley prepares for the orgasm of her fantasies.

But when she arrives at her friend’s party, she learns that the man of her dreams, Seth Gardner, is back in town. Now she must decide if she wants to go through with her plans for public pleasure or go after her dream date with Seth, or risk losing them both.

The man turned and pinned her with a steady hazel gaze. His dark brown hair framed a strong, handsome face that she hadn’t seen in far too long. His lips curved in a lopsided smile.

She gasped. “Seth.”

“Haley.” Her name rolled off his tongue like one long delicious lick over her sex. He jumped to his feet, bringing himself eye-level with her—a good thing, since he’d been in a position to look directly up her skirt.

She scrambled to cover her own gawking. “You’re not wearing your glasses.”

“Contacts.” Not turning from her, he nudged the freezer drawer closed, rippling the ringlets of curly hair that hung past his ears. Without his wire-rimmed glasses, his sweet, safe image transformed into that of a dashing unpredictable man, leaving her disoriented and embarrassingly eager to discover the real man beneath his white dress shirt and pink-and-gray striped tie.

“Oh. Well, you look good.” As soon as the words were out, she wanted to kick herself. Way to come up with scintillating conversation, Haley. No wonder he never wasted his time chatting with her.

“So do you.” He tucked a strand of her wavy black hair behind her ear in a move that weakened the backs of her knees. “So who’s the lucky boyfriend right now?”

She loosened the knot of his tie, stalling for time. Her single status wasn’t in question, but a guy like him wouldn’t consider a woman available if she’d already booked an orgasm for the evening. Why couldn’t she hit on the right timing with Seth?


To read excerpts from other books by Sara Daniel please click a vendor's name Musa Publishing - Amazon.

Sara Daniel writes what she loves to read—irresistible romance, from sweet to erotic and everything in between. She battles a serious NASCAR addiction and was once a landlord of two uninvited squirrels. She lives her own happily-ever-after romance with her hero husband, and she gets amnesia at least three times a day because she can never remember where she left her keys!

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Thursday, January 29, 2015


by Jen S. Severson

As the author of Zoe’s Psychic Mysteries I seek to a.) write a rollicking good story, and b.) offer up ideas and concepts that help my readers see value, meaning and endlessly wonderful possibilities in their lives. To choose love over the many forms of fear, awareness over indifference, interconnectedness over isolation, and the seeds of positivity waiting to sprout in all life situations. Oh, and one more little thing: to see the reach of forever in their perspectives. The challenge I have set upon myself is to fully honor my first objective, so that my books are big enough to carry readers to my secondary goals.

Photo courtesy of Stuart Miles
By way of further illustration, I offer up a brief conversation between myself and Hamden, who is Zoe’s head spiritual guide. His role in my books is to assist Zoe in her life journey, which involves using her psychic abilities to solve mysteries with past-life origins, and thereby bring healing.

AUTHOR: Now that you’ve co-starred in both of my published e-books and are helping me write the third book in Zoe’s Psychic Mystery series, can you help me answer a reader’s question, Hamden?

HAMDEN: Of course, my dear. As I’ve often told you, every answer has a question, and vice versa.

AUTHOR: Okay, I see the unquenchable twinkle in that rascally eye of yours, so I’m not going to let you divert me this time, because at your level of understanding, OF COURSE answers have questions. But back to the point: this reader wants to know WHY I am writing these books. I’m having so much fun writing them, and I began writing them at least 20 years ago now, that I’ve forgotten what got me started in the first place. Do you remember?

HAMDEN: Yes, I remember. You wanted to write about the psychic/spiritual world you were discovering in stories that would appeal to many readers, without being preachy or heavy-handed.

AUTHOR: Exactly, and that will always be my main objective. To offer up windows of understanding to a different view, while telling a darn good story in the process.

HAMDEN: I think you’ve left out your third objective. Something to do with flowers.

AUTHOR: Clever of you to put it that way, dear, to help me recall. Yes, I also want to plant seeds that will flower into hope in each reader’s inner garden. ACK! I think that’s enough metaphor for a while.

HAMDEN: Not if I can help it. As I’ve often told you, metaphor allows the reader to travel quickly between two points yet see a deep truth along the way.

AUTHOR: And while I’m happy to travel that route with you, my editor is fond of nudging me down the simpler path of Sticking With The Plot.

HAMDEN: Speaking of which, perhaps it is time we return our attentions to solving your third mystery/romance/past-life/chick-lit plot, A Telling Tarot. I believe we left Zoe mid-battle with Ted’s mother, who thinks psychics like Zoe are nothing but frauds.

AUTHOR: Sigh. Well, some of them are.

HAMDEN: But Zoe is not one of them. Let’s hope she rethinks that view before her daughter – and the love between Ted and Zoe – pays the price for her ignorance.

AUTHOR: I agree. In the meantime, thank you for helping me remember my goals as a writer. Cheerio for now, dear!

HAMDEN: Allow me to offer a little on each of our books for the readers before I say Cheerio!

When a highly logical detective must rely on a reluctant psychic to solve a series of murders, no one can foresee the outcome.

Zoe has spent her adult life denying her psychic abilities. All that changes when she finds herself conversing with a tiny man only she can see and seeing details to a murder that only the murderer should know. Can she convince the annoyingly handsome detective that she was sent to help before he convicts her of the crime? Will she learn to trust herself —and her own heart—before more people are hurt? Or will the detective be the murderer’s next victim?

Truth, illusion and the circle of karma... the murdered woman's words to Zoe were more cryptic than clarifying, and even a psychic detective can't predict the outcome!

When psychic detective Zoe Nettlesom is hired by a dead woman's sister to investigate the murder, Zoe goes undercover as a family biographer to unearth the truth--and meets a mad-hatter psychic in the process.

Police detective Ted Andrews agrees to assist although he is uncomfortable with Zoe's woo-woo world and has logical objections to her methods.

With help from her spirit guide Hamden, Zoe races to find who has a karma to kill for... before they kill her!

To read excerpts from psychic mysteries by Jen S. Severson please click a vendor's name
Musa Publishing - Amazon.

Jen S. Severson began writing professionally in marketing communications, then settled happily (well, most days) into proposal writing for the health care insurance industry (where, very occasionally, she gets to use extended metaphors and run-on sentences).

Along the way, she tripped over larger life truths, studied metaphysics and psychic teachings, and became a trained clairvoyant, ethics and all. Today – some 15 years later – she continues to give psychic readings avocationally.

Jen and her husband who is also a published author have one daughter and a small zoo of three cats, one dog and a miniature rabbit. Jen loves knitting, bird watching, reading fiction and inspirational books of varying stripes. Her goal as an author of psychic mysteries is to tell rollicking good stories that also open windows of understanding to the greater metaphor of life. She is busy writing the next book in her series, Zoe’s Psychic Mysteries.

Learn more about Jen S. Severson on her website. Stay connected on Facebook.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


by Danny Adams

What I did was learn – relearn - that it’s a bad idea for me to go more than a few days without writing.

Actually, I knew that already. Usually “Don’t not write” is excellent advice for me – and in fact while some people do other things to procrastinate writing, I usually procrastinate other things so I can write. I’d figured out a pretty good balance this way, I’d like to think, and in recent memory the only things that kept me from writing for more than a few days at a time were a hospital visit and finishing novels.

Photo courtesy of cbenjasuwan
Then last summer, I bought my first house.

I thought that I had a pretty good grasp on what this entailed. Hours upon hours of paperwork – almost four months worth in my case from “I want this house” to “It’s yours!” – and then dealing with all the issues a house that isn’t brand new is going to have. All time-consuming, I understood that. And I went into it figuring “I’ll just work out the balance between house and writing like I have with everything else”.

Except it didn’t quite work out that way.

See, being a first-time homeowner, I was determined to get off on the right foot right from the beginning. I dealt with paperwork. I dealt with the little things here and there that needed work. In the back of my mind I would occasionally hear “Are you going to do any writing?” And the response would be “Not today! Today I must mow!” Or, “That siding isn’t going to paint itself!” Or “Do you really want to risk forgetting that outlet is ungrounded when you’re watching a movie during a thunderstorm?” There was always something, of course, as there always is when you own a house. But not wanting to be a bad homeowner, I always tended to that something before writing.

So for two months I ended up doing no writing at all. And I should know better. Let me give you a little more background: some years back I spent five years doing no serious writing at all. At best it was hit and miss, or I’d finish a book chapter after weeks (or months!) but then edit and rework it endlessly. At first this was because I went back to college, but then it became a self-esteem issue. I’d managed to convince myself that I was no good, and I was afraid of proving myself right.

Five years. It boggles my mind, thinking about it now. There were good things going on in those five years – college, close friends, a lot of happy personal events. But I was also miserable or downright depressed for the lion’s share of the time. It wasn’t until I started writing in a regular, disciplined way again that I realized my black moods were the result of not doing something so fundamental for myself and my well-being.

This time, it took two months - most of my summer - to realize why I was getting increasingly unhappy despite just buying a house I loved. I’d actually just started a new novel a few weeks before moving to the new place, and those few scant pages were sitting pathetically on a shelf wondering why I wasn’t adding to them just because I lived in a different place. Once I got back to work on the novel, equilibrium in the world was restored.

I’ll admit that I still haven’t found a perfect balance yet. Since summer’s end I’ve only managed to work on both house and writing in the same day three times. I’ve still got leaves in the backyard to rake. I’ve still got some siding left to paint. I’ve got a dead tree that needs cutting. But that’s OK. The novel just hit 100,000 words, so all is well.


Here is a brief introduction to Danny's historical fiction novel.

Millions of people around the world know the legend of King Arthur, but the stories always end with Arthur’s death and never reveal what happened to the surviving Knights of the Round Table—or Camelot itself. Lest Camelot Fall begins with Arthur’s death and tells of the survivors’ struggle to keep Camelot’s flame of freedom burning against the darkness both of Saxon invaders and native British would-be tyrants.

Lucian Aurelianus is a descendant of Roman emperors and British kings alike, as well as being Arthur’s cousin. He receives an urgent summons to Camelot from Merlin only to arrive after the slaughter of the Battle of Camlann, in time to see Arthur’s body taken away to Avalon. Soon afterward Lucian’s brother, Constantine, claims the right to be High King of Britain—and exiles anyone who challenges him, including the surviving Knights. At the same time, the sons of Arthur’s nephew and mortal enemy, Modred, have joined forces with the Saxons, along with soldiers from a reborn Roman Empire with designs on Britain, for a final attack against Camelot.

Lucian decides he must stay to help Merlin and the Knights—and his increasingly despotic brother—if anything of Arthur’s dream is to survive. Ultimately he will do whatever it takes to keep Camelot alive, even when that means challenging the armies of southern Britain, enduring Saxon slavery, and the possibility of taking what is left of Camelot and leaving Britain behind forever.

To read excerpts from books by Danny Adams please click a vendor's name Musa Publishing - Amazon

Danny Adams grew up in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Southwest Virginia. He currently works as a college librarian, though his goal is to write fiction for a living.

He co-authored with Philip Jose Farmer the short novel The City Beyond Play. The book was a nominee for the 2008 British Fantasy Awards in the Best Novella category.

Danny also reviews speculative and independently published fiction for Publishers Weekly, and wrote essays and other such things for Farmerphile, the official Philip Jose Farmer fan magazine. He is a member of the Science Fiction Poetry Association.

Finally, and most important, his favorite person in the world married him on the 26th of May 2002!

Learn more about Danny Adams on his website and LiveJournal.

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Luncheon Made Easy

from Vonnie Hughes

Broccoli Frittata
2 cups broccoli florets
4 eggs (yeah, I know. 4!! But that's the way to make it work)
1 cup milk
1 packet of thick vegetable soup (Maggi or whatever brand)
1/3 cup grated tasty cheese

Preheat oven to 180°C or 350°F

Put broccoli into a greased quiche dish or even a shallow ovenproof dish.

Beat eggs with the milk and soup mix. Pour over the broccoli.

Sprinkle the cheese on top.

Bake for 40 minutes.

Serves 4

Here is a little from Vonnie's latest Regency while you wait for that awesome frittata to bake.

A kidnapper makes a grave mistake and faces a revenge he never expected.

Annis's new husband investigates crimes, and Caroline's new husband is a capable ex-Army officer. When their ladies are kidnapped in an effort to suppress the evidence of pilfering and murder, Giles and Fort fight their way through all the lies and subterfuge to not only rescue them, but also to avenge them.

Fort approached the person on the seat. “Mr. Young, we’ve been looking for you.”

If that was Mr. Young, why was he listing to one side like a ship at sea?

“Is he injured? Has John hurt him?” She hurried towards them.


Fort’s peremptory order stopped her in her tracks. She watched as Fort examined Mr. Young’s head and neck. He lifted Mr. Young’s hand. It dropped laxly.

“He’s dead,” Fort said, turning towards Caroline. “Sweetheart, do you know your way out of the maze? I must stay here with the body. There’s been enough moving of evidence already.”


Fort gesticulated with a finger across his throat.

“Oh! I’ll fetch Giles. Sir William Harding will have to be notified too.” Caroline cast her husband an anxious look. “Please be careful, Giles, in case John comes back.”

“You be careful too, my love. Walk slowly and listen for footsteps on the other side of the hedge. And if you meet anyone—anyone at all, man or woman—scream. Scream loudly.”

Caroline nodded and plunged back along the gravel paths surrounded by greenery. To her great relief she met nobody, although she was so rattled by events that she took a wrong turning and had to retrace her steps. “Hurry,” she told herself. “Fort is alone there and John is on the loose.”

All of Vonnie’s books are available on Musa Publishing and Amazon.

Vonnie Hughes is a multi-published author in both Regency books and contemporary suspense. She loves the intricacies of the social rules of the Regency period and the far-ranging consequences of the Napoleonic Code. And with suspense she has free rein to explore forensic matters and the strong convolutions of the human mind. Like many writers, some days she hates the whole process, but somehow she just cannot let it go.

Vonnie was born in New Zealand, but she and her husband now live happily in Australia. If you visit Hamilton Gardens in New Zealand be sure to stroll through the Japanese Garden. These is a bronze plaque engraved with a haiku describing the peacefulness of that environment. The poem was written by Vonnie.

All of Vonnie’s books are available on Musa Publishing and Amazon.

Learn more about Vonnie Hughes on her website and blog. Stay connected on Facebook and Goodreads.

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Musa Publishing is looking for blogs to round out the tours on one or all of the erotic romance books listed below. Each tour has a book giveaway and each host has a chance to win a gift card. We appreciate your support.

by Sara Daniel

She must choose between the man of her dreams and the man of her fantasies.

When Haley Miller posts on a sexual fantasies forum that she wants to have an orgasm while surrounded by her friends, one reply stands out. Intrigued and desperately aroused, Haley prepares for the orgasm of her fantasies.

But when she arrives at her friend’s party, she learns that the man of her dreams, Seth Gardner, is back in town. Now she must decide if she wants to go through with her plans for public pleasure or go after her dream date with Seth, or risk losing them both.

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Blue Suede Boi
by Annie Anthony

Has Kaia's hottest fantasy become a reality in her blue suede boi?

The unattainable object of Kaia's fantasies is browsing in a store known for barely better than cheap shoes in the most bland strip mall in town. By the chemistry sparking between then, Kaia wonders whether Amanda may have come in looking for more than just the men's shoe rack. Has Kaia's hottest fantasy become a reality in her blue suede boi?

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by Alice Cross

Sometimes holding onto love means you've got to risk losing it all.

It’s not like Sam to fall too hard for any girl, let alone one who only recently broke up with her boyfriend of several years. But Lissa isn’t just any girl. In three short weeks, she has managed to wrap Sam around her little finger without even trying. Sam knows better than to expect a newly-minted lesbian to settle down with her first fling, but she’s not ready to let her latest catch go just yet. Can she offer Lissa the freedom she needs to explore, without cutting her loose altogether?
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by Maggie McCullough

Learning is not always found in books.

What does a girl do when the guy she loves is also the guy every girl in school chases? Serena Ramirez retreated to her beloved books for romance and adventure. Heading to Chicago for college seemed...
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Welcome to the Virtual Book Tour for Disenchanted

the recently released Fantasy novel by Leigh Goff

A dark curse, a forbidden love, an impossible choice.

Orphaned sixteen-year-old Sophie Goodchild is an outcast among the ordinaries and her coven, but not because she’s untalented. Descended from a powerful Wethersfield witch, her spellcasting gift is awkwardly emerging, but that’s the least of her worries. The boy she’s forbidden to fall for, a descendant of the man who condemned her ancestor to hang, carries a dark secret that could destroy them both unless Sophie learns how to tap into the mysterious power of her diamond bloodcharm. 

Suspenseful, dark, romantic, and brimming with old magic, Disenchanted captures the intrigue of New England’s witchlore.

“You really want to know?” He circled behind me, not touching me, but I could feel him there, just an inch away. He stepped closer, his body heat warming my exposed neck.

I tried to ignore the trembles and craving his alluring voice provoked. Heat and tension continued to roll off him. My breathing quickened. “Secrets never stay secret in Wethersfield. It’s going to slip out eventually.”

He circled around to face me again and nodded. “Your curiosity is inexhaustible.”

I pressed my hand to my forehead, trying to regroup, which was harder than it should have been. “Look. It doesn’t matter. I can handle whatever it is.”

“Zeke will be thrilled if he finds out what I’m about to tell you.” He shook his head, probably imagining the ugly scenario. “I come from a long line of Mathers who have been more than unlucky in love. A staggering number of them, so many that one cannot blame it on misfortune or bad luck. For years, my father thought it was a genetic fluke until he had our ancestor’s DNA tested and, like his own, it showed nothing.” He rolled his sleeve up enough to show me the pinkish birthmark on his wrist. It resembled a small heart broken in two, exactly like Zeke’s. “You see, from my father’s research, every Mather heir for centuries has carried this mark in this spot. It is something passed down in our family, inherited, but not genetic. That leaves only one explanation. Our bloodline is cursed.”

“Are you sure it’s not Karma or bad luck?” We knew Francis had been cursed for his father’s hand in the hangings. But all of them? I didn’t think a generational curse was really possible.

“I don’t believe in bad luck, but I do believe in the power of this curse. It has haunted us through time.”

“How many of you?”

“After they fell in love? Since Francis Mather, the one buried under the tree next to your ancestor, all of them. Not at first. Some of them were able to bear a child or two before their love deepened and the curse took hold of one or both of them. It is why my father used a surrogate rather than risk a relationship. He, Zeke, and I are the last of Rev. Mather’s direct descendants. It’s too many to make sense so all we are left with is the fact that we are cursed to live a life without love or die from it.”

I staggered backward, staring at the trees lining the path, in shock. Elizabeth warned me about a curse living on. The judge even sputtered on about a problem caused by the witches. Did they both mean a generational curse on the Mathers? Generational curses were only heard of in myths because they required great power and a dark heart. Did Rebecca have that much power? “Let’s say that’s even possible.” I could barely grasp the possibility for the irony got in the way. A curse cast by my ancestor meant to punish the Mathers was now threatening not only my happiness, but my life.

BUY LINKS Musa Publishing  -  Amazon

Leigh Goff loves writing young adult fiction with elements of magic and romance because it's also what she liked to read. Born and raised on the East Coast, she now lives in Maryland where she enjoys the area's great history and culture.

Leigh is a graduate of the University of Maryland, University College and a member of the Maryland Writers' Association and Romance Writers of America. She is also an approved artist with the Maryland State Arts Council. Her debut novel, Disenchanted, was inspired by the Wethersfield witches of Connecticut and was released by Musa Publishing in December 2014. Leigh is currently working on her next novel, The Witch's Ring which is set in Annapolis.

Learn more about Leigh Goff on her website and blog. Stay connected on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Goodreads.

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Ménage à trois with Helen Hardt

Musa Publishing is excited to announce PRIMAL INSTINCT, an erotic short story by multi-published Helen Hardt, is available for purchase.

The scent was unmistakably male...

The Rocky Mountains are the perfect place for Erin Monroe to contemplate life as a permanent single—until she meets Nick Foster and Landon Kay. One dark, one blond, both gorgeous—they saunter toward her as though they're used to getting exactly what they want. And they want Erin. The primal attraction is hard to resist and instinct tells her to let them have their way. But are these sexy creatures truly what they seem?

Both men rubbed up against her, Nick in front, Landon behind, their bodies hard and ready. She should have been frightened. Freaked.

She wasn’t.

“You’re beautiful.” Landon pulled the band holding her brown hair in a ponytail and let her tresses sift through his fingers. “Like silk,” he said. “Mahogany silk.” He inhaled. “Apples. Tart apples.”

Nick smoothed the strap of her tank top off her shoulder and dropped a light kiss onto her bare skin. The soft whisper of his lips made her quiver.

“Apples,” Nick echoed. “You sure it’s her hair, Lan?” His lips curved against her flesh.

Fresh juice trickled between her thighs. Her panties would be soaked by now. What was she doing here with not one, but two men? Two strange men?

“No.” Landon brushed his lips against Erin’s cheek. “I wasn’t talking about her hair.” He kissed her nose, her other cheek.

Her breath caught. “What am I doing here?”

“Oh, honey,” Nick said. “You’re doing what you were put on earth to do.”

“And that is?” Her voice cracked.

“Making love to us.” Nick’s hand slid up her waist and cupped one breast. He groaned. “Both of us.”


To read excerpts from other books by Helen Hardt please click a vendor's name Musa Publishing - Amazon

Helen Hardt is the Head Line Editor for Musa Publishing and a freelance editor. She is also an award-winning author. Helen writes contemporary, historical, paranormal, and erotic romance for several publishers. Her non-writing interests include Harley rides with her husband, attending her sons’ sports and music performances, traveling, and Taekwondo (she’s a blackbelt).

Learn more about Helen Hardt and her editing service on her website.